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– Dave Schwensen / author of “How To Be A Working Comic” and former talent coordinator for the television show “A&E’s An Evening at the Improv

“I was going to say I’ve been watching Ryan Yex ever since he was a young comedian, But the truth is that he’s still young! So instead, I’ll say I’ve watched Ryan grow and mature as a comedian. His dedication to writing and performing comedy is obvious if you’ve ever seen him entertain an audience. If you haven’t, then it’s time you did. He’s funny, inspirational and the best part from a talent booker’s point of view – he’s easy to work with. I’m a fan and I’m sure you will be also.”

- Amy Vedova, BA, ADC, CDP, CESP / Activities and Training Manager for UCP of Greater Cleveland​

“I had the pleasure of seeing Ryan perform for the first time during a comedy show that was  put together by comedian/radio personality, Bill Squire.  Ryan came with about 6 other comedians and they put on a fantastic show for the clients we serve.  I was so impressed with Ryan, I invited him back to do a solo show.  He came back about a month later with a newly crafted set that wowed the audience.  His stage presence is dynamic, and he is a true inspiration for others trying to pursue their dreams.  His material is versatile, and he can tailor his jokes to fit any audience.  Ryan keeps it real with a nice balance of charm and humor.  If you haven’t seen him on stage, you should get to a show soon!”

- Wendy Rinehart / Ohio Automobile Dealers Association, Inc.

"Having known and worked in the same industry as Ryan’s dad for over 20 years, I took him at his word when he said Ryan was a good comedian. We hold an awards banquet for used car dealers and have a “guest speaker” each year. Some years we have a politician, some years we have someone more entertaining.  Coming off the Covid shut down we felt this should be a year of entertainment and fun.  Ryan did not disappoint! From the moment he stood up to head to the stage, the audience could tell this was going to be different.  His jokes are funny, real life, and made us feel like he really knew the audience.  We would definitely recommend Ryan for any type of adult event, and I can’t wait to see how far he goes on the comedy circuit!"
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